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Freebiejeebies is a reliable, trust worthy company which offers to win free gifts by completing offers. They deliever the goods just as they promised. Freebiejeebies is a 100 % legit and are the best freebie network out there right now. If you looking for any freebies offer then i will recommend you to go for Freebiejeebies. Sign up in Freebiejeebies is totally free and what you should do is to select your free gifts and complete the offers. The offers depends upon the value gifts. Freebiejeebies offers a free gift that is just for sign up and referrals. You can start receive your free gift if you make minimum 3 referrals. The referral free gifts are Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad, LCD TV and more.

Let we see the steps to signup in Freebiejeebies. The url of freebiejeebies :

Step 1: Sign up

Sign up using the following link:

Step 2: Complete an offer

You must complete an offer. There are a list of offers available. Some offers are free and some will cost. Intuit and Worldwinner are the most recommended by people.

Step 3: Refer Friends

Each gift requires a defined number of friends registered. For example if you choose Apple Magic Mouse there are 3 referrals needed. For Apple TV 5 referrals, Ipod nano 8GB 7 referrals, iPod Touch 8GB 10 referrals and more.

Step 4: Receive free gifts

If you successfully do the above steps you will receive your free gift with free shipping.

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Anonymous,  September 2, 2011 at 3:35 AM  

hey this does work but you need to know how to do it right

This freebee site was even shown on TV but i was only convinced after my friends started getting their iPads from the site. Also what the channel did not cover was how to go about it so i'm putting it down here. You get credits for referring your friends but i've found out the cheapest way to do this with only 5 gbp. Sign up to the site, then go to the offers page and search for the gala bingo link. gala bingo is the cheapest offer but most people don't know how to correctly complete this according to the rules to get the credit. The trick here is after signing up you only deposit 5 quid in the gala bingo account and play till you lose it all. So if you win say 3 gbp with your 5 quid deposit, keep playing till you lose and your account balance comes to zero, its all instant. Most people give up here as they will be left with an odd balance like 4p and most tickets on gala bingo are 10p. Once again the trick to get past this is to search for the castle club on the gala bingo site which has tickets for only 1p each. Play till your account balance is zero and you'll get the credit for your iPad. I got mine and each of my mates following the above instructions are getting theirs as well. Referrals are easy because everyone wants and ipad for 5 quid, only you have to tell them how to do it right to get the credit (feel free to copy paste from here). There are also some free offers on the site, but seriously nothing is free. Don't go for the free offers because the fine print in the terms and conditions is so stupid that you never get the credit even after two months of waiting and i say this from personal experience. Also remember click on my link to the freebie site, sign up, go to offers, then click on gala bingo, sign up there and deposit the 5 gbp and play it all till account balance is zero. Doing this together in the above manner ensures that the link between the freebie site sign-up and the gala bingo play is not broken so you get the credit and yeah use the same email, name, etc on both sites so they know who to give the credit to.

This site - gets you a iPad for 5 gbp if you do it right. The link is

Anonymous,  November 4, 2011 at 3:11 PM  

I joined Freebiejeebies at the end of 2008 with no experience or hopes for free gifts. Within a month I had received a £275 Amazon Voucher and built a website. In 1 year I have now received a 22" Samsung T220HD, a Wii + Game and an iphone 4. I'm now working towards an iMac. Thank you so much FreebieJeebies

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