Facebook IPO: Facebook Statistics prior to the IPO

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook finally expected to bring Facebook to public. As entering into IPO is a risky one, Mark is confident of  it. The meaning of IPO(initial public offering) - through which anyone can able to buy shares of a company on an Open Stock Exchange. Many investors looking for Facebook's performance, Operating income, Number of employees in Facebook, Revenue of Facebook, Valuation, Ad Revenue, the details about active users and more expectedly the future plans of Facebook in social networking world. This post will reveal all the expected summary of facebook prior to the IPO.

It is sure that when the company goes public it will raise $10 billion , bringing its valuation to $100 billion.

Facebook is a brand's most logical platform for consumer engagement. Some brands try to start their own 'Social networks', but there is little room for adding more and more.

This gives Facebook a huge advantage and ability to maintain its current size. But they need to take some revolutionary actions to fill the expectations of $100 billion company. If nothing changes Facebook will be the digital equivalent of a newspaper - read some headline, lot of ads, dabble on some crossword games or comics. 

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