Streams in Java 8

Streams API is a new feature introduced in Java 8. Streams API is used to process collection of objects. Streams are functional in nature, lazy, does not store elements. Streams conveys elements from a sources through a pipeline of computational operations. The sources can be a data structure or an array or an I/O channel. The ordering of elements are maintained as it is in the source.

To work with streams one needs to familiar with the below 3 stages.

1. Create streams.
2. Perform intermediate operations
3. Perform terminal operation


Tancet MCA counselling best colleges list - part I

July month is Tancet MCA counselling time. This post going to help for those who are all written Tancet MCA exam, those applied for Tancet MCA Counselling, for those searching for admissions in leading top arts and science, Engineering colleges in Tamilnadu. In this post i have concluded 4 parts of colleges based on the quality, cut-off mark, teaching/coaching skills, placement etc. The four parts are tier-1, tier-2, tier-3 and tier-4. If you get placed in any of the above tier colleges then you will have a brighter career for sure. Please note this tier level college list also almost similar for all kind of Tancet like Tancet M.E/M.Tech, Tancet MBA and Tancet MCA.


Comparison between Sony Xperia S, P, U and Sola

Sony recently launched 3 awesome smartphones which are slightly differ with specificatins. Sony Xperia Sola will be launched in India soon. In this post you can see the main  difference between Sony Xperia S, Sony Xperia P, Sony Xperia U and Sony Xperia Sola. The operating system used by all the 4  phones is Android and in all there can be upgraded to latest version of Android. There is a huge difference in screen size in that Sony xperia S have 4.3. The lateast price details are in Indian rupees. Here you can see the comparison with Phone Size, Screen size, Pixels, Processor, Internal memory, Camera, Secondary Camera, Video, Colors available, Announced date and latest price.


Samsung Galaxy S III Android 4.0 specifications, price and pictures

Samsung has released a new flagship smartphone, the new Galaxy S III, including voice control, wireless beaming of content and exclusive applications, as it aims to consolidate its position at the top of the mobile sector. The S3 has a super AMOLED 4.8 inch  screen, larger than its predecessor the S2, with an 8 megapixel rear camera and 1.9MP front camera which offers "intelligent camera features" that the company says will adapt to what it sees you doing. The phone runs on Google's Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) software, but has a number of Samsung additions – including voice recognition and eye tracking. This phone will be released on 29th May and the European market will have the first privilege to get the S III while the LTE-enabled version will start rolling out from the US in June.


Nokia 808 PureView 41 MP Symbian Belle OS phone specifications , price and pictures

Noika has introduced new smartphone Nokia 808 PureView 41 megapixel Symbian Belle flagship in Russia and India. Nokia 808 has great overall multimedia experience with Dolby sound and Dolby headphone support.  Nokia has offered two types of image capturing systems in this phone one is the pureview and other is the full resolution one. In the full resolution method we can capture images of full 41 MP resolution and the image size is big. 808 Pureview uses a 41 MP sensor but the effective pixels used for capturing photo/video is 38 mp or 34 MP. You can take pics in native mode at 38 mp or 34 mp. Each file size will be 10 mb in size. Nokia recommends you take pics in PureView mode where the final image is stored in 3/5/8 MP coming to around 1 MB in size. The technology used behind this is PureView technology.


Learn Basic SAS Programming for beginners part I

This post will help you to learn basic SAS programming skills and You'll learn how SAS data sets are stored temporarily or permanently in SAS libraries. You'll also learn details about SAS data sets, which are files that contain data that is logically arranged in a form that SAS can understand. SAS programs used to access, manage, analyze, or present data. Let's begin by looking at a simple SAS program.

data clinic.admit2;
set clinic.admit;
proc print data=clinic.admit2;

This program creates a new SAS data set from an existing SAS data set and then prints a listing
of the new data set. A SAS data set is a data file that is formatted in a way that SAS can


10 tips to remember before buying your new Mobile phone/Smart phone

Everyone's dream is to own a smartphone. Before buying your smartphone you must consider a few points in mind. I write about 10 important steps that you should before buying your new mobile. The things you should remember are Manufacturer warranty, Battery life, Accessories included with the phone, Camera and Video quality, Screen size, OS, Brand, Price, Memory and supporting applications. Be it Samsung or Sony or Apple or LG or Nokia these tips will suit to almost all the mobiles you are looking for.


Techcular's Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB giveaway

The leading technology blog Techcular which is owned by Soumya Pratohari announced an ultimate contest for the month of April. This is really an awesome giveaway by Techcular which has only a few simple steps to participate in it. I rarely see such kind of huge giveaways but Techcular comes with these kind of giveaways every month.This is the time for all to participate Apple iphone 4s 16GB giveaway. I know Apple's products are dreamy for anyone. Just go, participate and make your chances of winning. Refer the full specifications, User reviews, pictures, battery life and many more details of Apple iPhone 4s on gsmarena



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