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Friends, Are you looking for applying PAN card? Then read this article full and apply for it by yourself through online. If you already got your PAN please share this to your friends. Because many people facing problems when applying for their Personnel Account Number.

Many people pays more money for getting their PAN card from some agencies. My kindly advice is dont go anywhere to apply for your PAN. And it is actually not a complex one to apply for it by tourself.

Here is the easiest way to apply for your PAN card. Now you can apply for PAN by yourself through online. The thing you should do is to fill the application form without any error. But dont worry you can read the instructions before applying for it.

The link for applying PAN card is below. If you want to apply through online, go through the link. 
Click here to apply for your PAN card

If you getting any problem or need any help,  chech this link which will guide you how to fill up the application form.
Click here to find the instructions to fill the form

Some general instructions:

  • Processing fee: For indian resident Rs:94   and for NRI Rs:744
  • You should apply it for only one time. If you try to apply again it will consider as illeal.
  • If you want more details about PAN ,please go through the official utitsl's website
If you want to contact the utitsl officer near to your city, just click here. Here you just enter your state and nearest city and get utitsl' office information with address, e-mail and phone number.



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