FIFA world cup 2010 prediction - Winner and Golden boot

FIFA world cup 2010 is in edge. So the winner can be spain or netherlands. FIFA rankings of both teams are, 
  Spain - 2nd rank(1565points)
  Netherlands - 4th rank(1231)
There may be a new game on the trophy as Spain and Holland contest the world cup 2010 in Johannesburg; but how have they shaped up in the tournament thus far?

Games Played:
Holland: 6
Spain: 6
Games won:
Holland: 6
Spain: 5
Games drawn:
Holland: 0
Spain: 0
Games lost:
Holland: 0
Spain: 1
Holland: 12
Spain: 7
Average goals per game:
Holland: 2.00
Spain: 1.17
Shots (excluding blocked shots):
Holland: 67
Spain: 82
Shots on target (%):
Holland: 58.2 per cent
Spain: 37.8 per cent
Goals to shots (%):
Holland: 17.9 per cent
Spain: 8.5 per cent
Average possesion:
Holland: 55.7 per cent
Spain: 65.7 per cent
Total passes:
Holland: 2748
Spain: 3701
Overall pass completion (%):
Holland: 83.6 per cent
Spain: 87.4 per cent
Pass completion in opposition half (%):
Holland: 73.2 per cent
Spain: 83 per cent
Total crosses:
Holland: 103
Spain: 162
Cross completion (%):
Holland: 16.5 per cent
Spain: 17.7 per cent
Total duels:
Holland: 504
Spain: 538
Duels won (%):
Holland: 57.7 per cent
Spain: 60.0 per cent
Goals conceded:
Holland: 5
Spain: 2
Average goals conceded per game:
Holland: 0.83
Spain: 0.33
Holland: 114
Spain: 97
Tackles won (%):
Holland: 75.4 per cent
Spain: 80.4 per cent
Holland: 97
Spain: 63
Yellow cards:
Holland: 15
Spain: 3
Red cards:
Holland: 0
Spain: 0

Golden boot prediction:
The chances for golden boot prection are listed. Surely one of the the following will deserve it.
1.David Villa, Spain - Goals for-5, Assists-1, Minutes played-529, Penalty goal-0, Matches played-6
2.Wesley Sneijder, Netherlands - Goals for-5, Assists-1, Minutes played-532, Penalty goal-0, Matches played-6
3.Thomas Muller, Germany - Goals for-4, Assists-3, Minutes played-383, Penalty goal-0, Matches played-5
4.Diego Forlan, Uruguay - Goals for-4, Assists-1, Minutes played-564, Penalty goal-1, Matches played-6
5.Miroslav Klose, Germany - Goals for-4, Assists-0, Minutes played-357, Penalty goal-0, Matches played-5

So, we will see the winners on 11th July. Any preditions friends? 


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