Cyber Crime Report by Panda Labs and Norton

A recent investigation by one of the familiar antivirus developer Panda Labs discovered that Cyber criminals are creating 57,000 new fake websites with in a week. They also looking to imitate and exploit approximately 375 high-profile brands. Ebay, Amazon, Paypol and Visa are heavily affected by these spammers. And the interesing in that there are approximately 3 million fake websites created in an year. So it is a important news for all the consumers, they should be in careful while visiting these kind of fake websites. The recent report by Panda labs also showed that there are 65 percent of internet users globally affected by fakes.

Let we see the investigation reports from Antivirus legends Panda Labs and Norton and how much it affects globally and what are the reasons for Cyber crime.

Panda Labs Report:

The most targeted brands among all fake websites tracked by PandaLabs have surveyed in a three month long study conducted by Panda security's malware laboratory.

top 10 banks

Keep in mind these reports are only by single research team and imagine the real number of sites like this. Iam  sure it may significantly higher.

Most Popular Cybercrime Targers

Norton Report:

The Norton Antivirus lab recently surveyed about Cyber crimer activities and listed the following results. The survey was conducted online among 7,066 adults aged 18 and over. It was conducted in the primary language of 14 countries (Australia, Brasil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, United Kindom and United States).

  • Cyber According to this survey less than one in ten (9%) feel very safe in online.
  • Which country have the highest rate of Cyber crime?

                    Cybercrime Rates by Country

  • Top 10 emotional reactions to cybercrime.
               Cybercrime Emotional Reactions

  • Spammers behaviour
               Cybercrime Behaviors

This human impact report also revealed the increasing amount of Cyber crime activities now-a-days. The detailed Norton Cyber crime report of Human Imapact can be downloaded here.

An Example of Yahoo An Spam:




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