Protect your Orkut Account from Bom Sabado Virus

The latest news in internet world is about 'Bom Sabado'. It is not any famous person but the name Bom Sabado rulling around the whole internet world. Because world's most internet users are mostly on Orkut, Youtube and Twitter. A harmful virus disease can easily spread among highest population countries likewise the harmful Bom Sabado looking to spread in all orkut account. The latest news says Bom sabado hitted over 5 million account with in few hours. When i was trying to open my Orkut accout from Gmail, i could not see the Orkut tab over there. Then with in few hours the Bon Sabado news became very hot among the internet users. I still believe many of the users unaware about this. Let we see about Bom Sabado and how to protect your accouts from this virus.

What is Bon Sabado?

Bon Sabado is actually a name of a worm thats activity is to post spamming scraps to others accounts. The name Bon Sabado describes from the Portuguese language which is the official language of Brazil. The name Bom Sabado means 'A Good Saturday' in Portuguese language. This Good Saturday now shaking the web world by spreading very fastly among the users. Actually bad saturday for all who are viewing their Orkut Accounts. This Orkut worm actually orginated from Brazil, which has many Orkut users among the world. This worm is spreaded by Scraps, Testimonials...etc.

How to protect your Orkut Account from Bon Sabado?

If you affected by this worm, you need to follow these recommended steps:

  • Switch to the Older Version of Orkut.
  • Logout from Orkut.
  • Now Clean up your Browser's Cache and Cookies.
  • Log in to Orkut Account again.
  • Change your Password and Security question.
I'm not affected by Bon Sabado. What are the precautions should i do?
  • If you are not affected by Bon Sabado, then it is strongly advised to avoid Orkut untill the problem fixed.
  • Also avoid other social networking sites like Twitter, Youtube...etc.
Another news saying that the virus is now trending on Google. There is no any official annousement from Google but they removed the Orkut tab in gmail. We are all still waiting for the response from Google.



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