Orkut Bom Sabado Virus Problem Fixed and Profiles to be restored soon

Welcome news for all the Orkutters now, that the recent news in Internet world is Orkut Bom Sabado virus problem has removed. Already i have reminded about this virus problem and how to solve this by manually in Protect Your Orkut Account from Bom Sabado. Here i told about what is Bom Sabado, How to protect your account from Bom Sabado, Precautions to be taken to control Bom Sabado Worm by Manually. There is almost 5 million accounts have affected by Bon Sabado Orkut worm. According to the latest news the Orkut worm has removed says Google in its help forum. So users can continue to Orkutting but before you should take some neccessary actions which i told earlier.

According to Doree the employer of Google, "we have contained the "Bom Sabado" virus and have identified the bug that allowed this and have fixed it. We're currently working on restoring the affected profiles. Thanks a ton to each of you who's made an effort to alert everyone else about this. I'll make sure to keep you guys posted on more updates".

The statement from Doree is below here,
Orkutting but before you should take some neccessary actions which i told earlier. It shows Google takes quick actions to contain Bom Sabado. It gives the Orkutters some hope to stay back their favorite Social Networking site. Orkut is very popular in India and Brazil also average numbers of users in other parts of the world. Being one of the largest Social network, it is a responsibility for the Engineers in Google taking corrective actions to contain Bom Sabado. They doing like so.



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