IBM launches Guardium database security software

I hope you are know about, IBM bought the Guardium in 2009. Now it releases the new update of the this database software. Guardium is a maker of tools for monitoring and securing sensitive databases, with the aim of helping administrators deal with growing compilance and security pressures. Guardium products have two parallel functions that carry out real time-monitoring to detect and prevent suspicious activity and to automate and streamline regularity compilance tasks. This technology mainly used for Administrators to scan databases for vulnerabilities and test them using industry best practices.
This technology also supports databases including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, Sybase, MySQL and Teradata on platforms including Windows, Linux, Unix and z/Linux.

Guardium was intially launched in Israel in 2002 under the name of Defendo and moved to Waltham, Massachusetts in 2003. Its investors include Cisco, Ascent and Cedar fund.

The key features of this database security software has listed in its official website.


Now IBM is launching the updation of this technology. According to IBM this new feature has:
  • Better fraud protection for SAP systems.
  • Share point files.
  • Mainframe support.
  • Regularity templates have been added for Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA as well as other compilance headaches.
  • Guardium 8 is now Integrated with Tivoli.

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