Facebook keeping user-deleted contents

The world's largest social networking giant Facebook recently achived the bigger with the announcement of its 500 million monthly active users from around the world. Facebook hit the 250 million monthly active users in July 2009. Since then, the site has doubled in size and now it has the population of the third biggest country in the world. From this the estimation shows the site is gaining about 5 million new users in a week. Although facebook cares its users, it is lagging in some areas. Still the users facing the problem of  
facebook keeping user-deleted contents.

The researchers of Cambridge University put photos 16 popular websites including facebook and noted the web address of those images where is was stored. Then they deleted all the photos and again checked the direct link of that addresses. The deleted photos from facebook was stored in the server side of the facebook. But facebook says 'the deleted photos are deleted immediately from server'.

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 You may have put your pictures in Facebook's bin, but you will still have to wait for the content delivery network to delete them 
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The researchers said the special photo sharing sites such as Flicker,  Google's Picasa and Microsoft's Window live spaces removed the  photos insantly. But facebook didnt deleted any of the photos even after photos deleted from the user side. It shows facebook never erased the user-deleted data.

Zack Whittaker, the british student did a research about this and it revealded that facebook still continues to keep the contents of the user deleted.

After done his experiment he concluded the following points.

  • Facebook sees this post, isn’t happy, trundles through my account and manually deletes any copy of the above content. I wouldn’t be surprised, actually, but I have a backup plan. The same experiment was done yet again - including video and links but using a friend of mine’s account, stored offline and not to be published - which corroborates this story should Facebook pull the plug.
  • Say in a week or a months time, the links remain live and proves that the content doesn’t get deleted.



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