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Friends, today i come up with an interesting thing which is a wallpaper but it is not like general wallpaper you are seeing on the internet or using for your destop. Do you think what is the special in that? In this you can put the real time view of the earth on your computer desktop. Let we see the features of this wallpaper and some snapsshots. Also proceed reading upto the end of this article and you can download this amazing wallpaper for your desktop.



  • Real time clouds
  • Weather conditions and forecasts
  • City lights in night areas
  • Time zones
  • Automatically updates
  • High quality twilight shading

How to install?

Wanna install this live earth wallpaper to your desktop. Just read the following steps carefully and do as per the steps.

  • Download the live earth wallpaper here: Download - Living Earth Desktop Wallpaper
  • After downloading run the exe file to install the wallpaper.
  • If you dont have the key just press evaluation use only.
  • Now look up your desktop! enjoy!!!


If your desktop showing wrong time, just adjust your windows time zone.
  • Control panel ==> Select date and time

Menus and options:

Main Menu

Right click on the earth icon and use various menu options. And another thing,

  • If you want weather information just enable it from the weather tab.
  • Change you city as your city name just do this: Options ==> Favorite cities ==> Add city ==> Choose your city (ex: iam using Coimbatore, pelamedu).
Friends, download and use this wallpaper and feel free to comment over here. Also you can share to your social network friends from here.



bhavana August 1, 2010 at 11:36 PM  

Wow! fantastic one. Im installing it. Thank you

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