KDE 4.5 has released with 1723 new features and 16,022 bug fixes

Good news for all the linux folks now that KDE 4.5 has released. The KDE development team focused on the usability, performance and stability of previously introduced new features and technologies. This KDE 4.5.0 contains 1723 new features along with 16,022 bug fixes. Some highlights of this feature including improved user experience, enhanced usability and map routing...etc.


Here are some highlights of KDE 4.5

  • The Notification Area in the panel has been cleaned up visually.


  • KWin, the window manager component of the Plasma workspace lay-out windows on the screen without overlapping.

  • Zooming User Interface(ZUI) of previous release has now replaced by 'Activity Manager'.(Activity Manager is for adding, saving, removing activities).

  • Web content performance has been increased.

  • Plasma Work places can now configured using Javascript templates.

  • Many improvements in KDE Applications.

  • The games team of KDE has introduced a new game Kajongg, which is entirely written in Python.


  • There are several improvements in Educational Applications.



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