Facebook updates new tools for Notes

Social Networking Giant Facebook now makes it easier to compose notes and introduces live video stream. This new feature is designed to make more userfriendly and easier to find and create notes. In previous version of notes, the user faced uncomfortness when composing notes. So it is a welcome news for the facebook users who are all using notes for their self and business usage. Novati explained in the official blog of facebook about the new tools for facebook notes. He also described it with a snap of 'Write a note' in the official blog of facebook. The menu option for notes also has redesigned by the developers.

'Want to make something bold? You need to know the HTML tag for that. Want to work on an earlier draft? You have to navigate a bunch of links to get your draft' Novati wrote on facebook's blog.


By viewing Notes from a Facebook Page, users can browse notes in which that Page has been tagged by one of your friends or by people. But it should be shared by everyone on facebook.

Then, an easy to view left hand menu provides links to “your note, notes about yourself and your drafts".

Facebook has also launched a live streaming channel, Facebook Live. It is deisned to provide eager fans of the social network with the latest information from the company's headquarters.




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