Orkut tricks - Impress your friends by writing testimonials

Writing testimonials is one of the best way of impressing your friends. This feature is not only in Orkut, many of the companies providing this feature on their websites to receive testimonials from their customers, clients and other officials. Testimonials describe about a person's characteristics and behaviour. The best definition for testimonial is 'Positive feedback of a person by others'. Many people does not care about writing testimonials. But it is one of the best way of finding good friends, know about others and impress others. Orkut is one of the Social networking giant, it is having million numbers of users worldwide. Let we see how to write better orkut testimonials to impress your friends.
Before you start writing testimonials to your friends you should note the following points carefully.
  • First shounld known the important details of your friends like their hobbies, skill, likes and dislikes..etc.
  • Don't  copy and paste the testimonials from testimonial websites such as orkuttestimonial , sendscraps...etc
  • You should not copy paste others friends testimonials
  • Try yourself with your own words about your friends.
  • Avoid describing negative points about your friend.
  • You should point out your friend's positive points that must be true.
  • You should add your friend's like and dislike but should not mention about their personnel details such as e-mail, company information...etc.
  • Another important thing you should avoid common describing words and be true.
  • If your friend helped you anytime, you should mention it.
  • You may add some funny things about your friend but it should not affect your friend.

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